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Space Based Solar Power : The Future of Energy

While talking about Renewable Energy, generally Solar power, Wind power, Geothermal Power, Biomass, Bio-gas and some more are considered. But astonishing truth is – there are some other sources of renewable energy which can be the future vitality of humankind on earth. It is estimated that the lifetime of the sun is 4-5 billion years and more which assures solar power energy is a long term solution. But the energy we harness from the sun now on earth is a very inefficient one. To look for an efficient resultant, the scientists aren’t only working on making solar panels more powerful […]

Top 5 Cloud-Based Online CAD Tools for 3D Modeling

Top 5 Cloud-Based Online CAD Tools for 3D Modeling

What is Cloud-Based Online CAD? Cloud based services are basically some sort of technology being hosted away from your computer which can be accessed over the internet. When CAD (Computer Aided Designing) tools are provided via internet this way, we simply call them Cloud-Based Online CAD Tools. With the progress of technology, services and software are being shifted to the cloud at an increasing rate. Typically, CAD software is installed on a local computer. Because of that, 3D modeling seems to be out of reach for the everyday computer user (and surprisingly, even the designer or engineer), with accessibility locked into […]

Rangamati | the Lake City of Bangladesh

Rangamati Bangladesh is famous for her natural beauty to most of the world. One of the best places to witness that beauty is Rangamati, the Lake City of Bangladesh. Why lake city? That’s because this place is located on the bank of the beautiful Kaptai Lake. Even the name “Rangamati” holds a beauty in itself. “Ranga” means Colorful and “Mati” means Soil or Land. So, Rangamati literally means Colorful Land. And to be honest, the colors of this beautiful land will definitely convince you, that the naming is more than perfect. Related posts: No related posts.

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